Tesla Geeks Spotlight: The Raven Model P100DL

Today’s guest is Eli Burton, Co-Host of Tesla Geeks Show to share his story with the brand new P100DL Tesla Raven!

Episode 4: Could Maxwell’s acquisition mean a 500 mile range Tesla?

Elon Musk wins the Stephen Hawking Award!

What does the Maxwell acquisition mean for Tesla?

NTSB releases initial report of crash and autopilot.

State of Illinois plans to rage registration fee’s of EV’s by 60 times!

Episode 3: Is Tesla Giving Away Cars?

Today we are thrilled to be in Fremont, CA with Tesla CEO Elon Musk. We talked with Elon about Tesla and SpaceX technology. Nuralink and the future of humanity as integrated with machines.


Episode 1: So it begins!

In this episode of Tesla Geeks Show, our Tesla-enthusiast hosts talk about the announcement
of the new Tesla Model 3. The $35,000 model is the “people’s car” and the first Tesla to present
itself as a viable threat to the traditional automobile market because of its affordability. With all
kinds of customizability, the Model 3 allows the purchaser to make the car as premium or
affordable as you like. As part of the strategy to save money and help make Teslas’ more
affordable, Tesla is eliminating its retail locations and shifting to sell 100% online. Our hosts
discuss the pros and cons to this decision. Perhaps the most significant negative implication
would be that potential Tesla buyers would have no place to test drive or physically interact with
a Tesla vehicle. It’s speculated that as a result of this, Tesla may not eliminate all retail locations,
but maintain some of its larger flagship locations.

Elon Musk’s announcement of the forthcoming Model Y is discussed. Set to unveil March 14,
much is still not known, but the Model Y will be 10% larger than the Model 3, and 10% less
efficient. The Model Y will not include falcon wing doors. Also, Elon has announced the longawaited Tesla truck won’t be unveiled until the summer.

Tesla has made some changes to the Model S and the Model X, and people aren’t happy
people about it. The drop in price on these models has people who previously bought the car
wishing they had waited on purchasing a Tesla. Possible design refreshes include some new
exterior details and a new screen setup for the interior. Ark Funds released a study that in 2018,
1.3 million electric cars were sold. It is predicted that in the next 5 years, this will jump to 26
million electric cars sold. Our hosts finish by discussing China’s future as a leader in electric car

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